Alex Skoliotis

Alex Skaliotis is a Queens native, who has made his home here in Astoria where he raises his 16 year old daughter and 19 year old son. He has both a bachelors and master’s degree in business from St. John’s University.

Alex stumbled into a yoga class 10 years in the hopes of addressing a sports related injury and quickly found yoga’s mind body connection spoke to him in a way that nothing else had. He immediately became a dedicated practitioner and has been a long time student of The Giving Tree, where he has worked diligently to refine the technical aspects of his practice. 

Alex received his 200 hundred hour teacher training certificate in Chakra yoga from The Giving Tree Yoga studio this past Spring. Alex believes in a demanding physical practice that allows himself and his students to quiet the mind and become one with the Asanas. 

"Yoga can be so much more than a work out, it grows and evolves with you as your needs change. It has become for me a living breathing part of my everyday life"