(Re)Discovering You

Saturday 10/19 1:30PM - 4PM

$50 pre-registration (includes 30 min coaching session!!)

We change throughout the seasons of our lives, but the transitions (even the happy ones!) are rarely easy. We need space to honor, acknowledge and mourn the old, while we welcome what’s new and emerging in our lives. We also need space to reflect, process, dream and reinvent ourselves. What are you looking to create in the next chapter of your life? Where are you stuck or struggling? Who are you becoming? What’s not working and needs to shift? What support do you need along the way? 

Dig into these questions and more in (Re)discovering You, an interactive workshop for anyone seeking inspiration and a boost into new action. This 2.5 hour workshop will include reflective and creative exercises, visualization and meditation, and plenty of opportunities to connect with others who are walking the path of rediscovery alongside you.

Candlelight Yoga, Aromatherapy & Massage

Saturday 10/12 7:30PM - 9:30PM

Join us as we explore comfortable, relaxing and restorative yoga poses under soft candlelight with a combination of essential oils and relaxing massage under each pose. 

The massage and adjustments under each pose are meant to allow you to relax and fall into a deeper state of meditation.

Only 15 spots in this class.  Will fill up fast!


Revitalize Your Vision: Bringing the Future into Focus with Courage and Clarity w/ Laura Gale

Sunday 11/17 10am - 6:30pm

$150 if registered before 10/31
$175 if registered after


Take a deep dive into your desires and get clear on your vision for what’s next in your life. In this transformative one-day retreat, you’ll get an opportunity to step back from the daily flow and immerse yourself in a creative and catalytic experience. Through meditation, peer coaching, journaling, vision boarding and more, this retreat will give you space for dreaming, help you listen to your own inner wisdom, support you in exploring the places you’re getting stuck, and allow you to move forward with increased clarity and confidence. Get inspired, get empowered, get unstuck! Develop a powerful vision for what you want and get busy bringing your longings to life. 


What you’ll do:

  • Enjoy the sanctuary of The Yoga Studio in Astoria, a beautiful space and our host for the day 
  • Create a vision board – a powerful way to visualize and creatively roadmap your desires!
  • Participate in guided meditations to clear mental clutter and get in deeper alignment with your inner longings 
  • Experience an amazing and restorative afternoon yoga class at the studio 
  • Get guidance from an experienced coach (learn more about Laura, your retreat guide, here)
  • Spend time journaling and engaging in personal development exercises to fuel your vision and help you remove internal barriers to action
  • Get outdoors and enjoy some walking meditations and reflective activities in Astoria Park (weather permitting)
  • Get support from other participants through powerful peer coaching exercises and discussions
  • Spend the day in deep connection with yourself and with other beautiful humans 


This retreat is designed for anyone who is:

  • Looking for a way to slow down and get re-energized, re-inspired and reconnected with their inner compass
  • Wanting to feel more empowered and grounded as they navigate or contemplate life changes
  • Feeling stuck or unclear on what’s next and could use greater clarity and a boost into action 
  • Interested in gaining tools and practices to support self-inquiry, personal development and mindfulness 
  • Seeking community and connection with others as they grow and learn

Breathwork & Meditation With Hadley Ryser

Sunday, 10/20 6:30PM - 8PM

Breathwork is an active meditation designed to facilitate emotional release while simultaneously bringing you closer to the joy, appreciation, and bliss that already exists inside you. You’ll access higher states of consciousness while experiencing deep release and healing. You’ll leave feeling lighter and blissed out, and with a new awareness that will last much longer than the actual event.