Revitalize Your Vision: Bringing the Future into Focus with Courage and Clarity

An Urban Retreat Experience

Led by: Laura Gale

Sunday 11/17 10am - 6:30pm
$150 if registered before 11/10
$175 if registered after

Take a deep dive into your desires and get clear on your vision for what’s next in your life. In this transformative one-day retreat, you’ll get an opportunity to step back from the daily flow and immerse yourself in a creative and catalytic experience. Through meditation, peer coaching, journaling, vision boarding and more, this retreat will give you space for dreaming, help you listen to your own inner wisdom, support you in exploring the places you’re getting stuck, and allow you to move forward with increased clarity and confidence. Get inspired, get empowered, get unstuck! Develop a powerful vision for what you want and get busy bringing your longings to life.

What you’ll do:

  • Enjoy the sanctuary of The Yoga Studio in Astoria, a beautiful space and our host for the day 
  • Create a vision board – a powerful way to visualize and creatively roadmap your desires!
  • Participate in guided meditations to clear mental clutter and get in deeper alignment with your inner longings 
  • Experience an amazing and restorative afternoon yoga class at the studio 


  • Get guidance: Laura Gale, an experienced transformational coach and facilitator, will be your retreat guide for the day
  • Get unblocked: Spend time journaling and engaging in personal development exercises to fuel your vision and help you remove internal barriers to action
  • Get spacious: A portion of our day will get us outdoors! Enjoy some walking meditations and reflective activities in Astoria Park (weather permitting) 
  • Get support: work with other participants to spark breakthroughs through powerful peer coaching exercises and discussions
  • Get connected: Spend the day in deep connection with yourself and with other beautiful humans 

This retreat is designed for anyone who is:

  • Looking for a way to slow down and get re-energized, re-inspired and reconnected with their inner compass
  • Wanting to feel more empowered and grounded as they navigate or contemplate life changes
  • Feeling stuck or unclear on what’s next and could use greater clarity and a boost into action 
  • Interested in gaining tools and practices to support self-inquiry, personal development and mindfulness 
  • Seeking community and connection with others as they grow and learn


As a coach and leadership development practitioner, Laura works with people across the country and the world to help them facilitate change – within themselves, their teams and their organizations. She runs her own consulting practice, focused on helping groups and individuals thrive, grow, connect and create purposeful change. Depending on the setting, you may find her working 1:1 as a coach, consulting on organizational change strategy, leading retreats or facilitating personal development workshops.

Laura’s background in the arts and 20+ years of practicing yoga deeply inform her approach. She fuses the practical and tactical with the creative and the spiritual and brings a sense of depth and playfulness to all she that does. She aims to create sacred spaces that allow for transformative learning and spark joy, inspiration and action. A longtime Astoria resident who grew up in the Midwest, she is Mom to a 5 year old son, a lover of travel and a big fan of brunch.

Soundbath w/ Leigh Evans

Friday 11/15 8pm-9:30pm

Join us for an exquisitely relaxing Sound Bath in simple, yet restorative yoga poses designed to ground your body, quiet your mind and allow for a deeper level of meditation.

Bathe in the vibrations of Tibetan singing bowls, tuning forks and other overtone emitting instruments and harmonize your energy flow.